Your Tenancy

Tenancy Agreement

When you move into your new home you will be asked to sign a Tenancy Agreement. This is a legally binding document that must be read carefully and understood.

The majority of South Shropshire Housing Association and Meres & Mosses Housing Assoication tenants have an assured tenancy. We also issue starter tenancies for new tenants. The details of your tenancy are written in your Tenancy Agreement.
You can stay in your home for as long as you want, provided you do not break your tenancy agreement;
• You cannot be evicted from your home except by a court order
• Your rent is set by the association
• When you die your tenancy can normally be taken over by a member of the family who is living in the property at the time of your death

A member of the neighbourhood services team or your Independent Living Co-ordinator will also explain:
• The conditions of your tenancy
• The start date of your tenancy
• How to operate installations in your home, e.g.. the central heating
• The service provided by the association
• Arrangements for paying your rent
• Any decoration allowance which you may be entitled to

As part of your tenancy agreement we will consult on changes that affect you and your home
We will advise you of any plans that affect you and your home. We will also listen carefully to your views before making any final decisions.

We will consult you on changes to:
• The terms of your Tenancy Agreement
• Any modernisation or improvement to your home
• Any housing management policies that affect you, such as repair priorities or repair responsibilities