Welfare Reform

welfare reforms

Welfare Reform encompasses a wide range of changes to both in-work and out of work claimants. These pages will guide you through the changes with links to external sites to enable you to work out your eligibility.

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Welfare Reform Update

welfare reform  

Universal Credit is being rolled out to all claimants from May 2018. It is paid monthly in arrears, so can take up to 2 months to get the first payment. 

Even a small change of circumstances will mean you have to claim for Universal Credit and the benefits you usually get will stop. 

Here are some things you can do now to ensure you are ready to make a Universal Credit Claim:

Get a bank account - your Universal Credit claim will only be paid into a bank, post office or credit union account, you cannot get it any other way

Get ahead with your rent - try and pay a bit extra with your rent to get your account in credit, it will give you a buffer while waiting for your claim to be paid. Don't put your home at risk

Get an email address - you will need an email address before you can make a claim 

Get access to the internet - you will need this to make and manage your application, so if you don't have access at home, find somewhere locally where you can gain access

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