Welfare Reform

welfare reforms

Welfare Reform encompasses a wide range of changes to both in-work and out of work claimants. These pages will guide you through the changes with links to external sites to enable you to work out your eligibility.

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Welfare Reform Update

change to benefits for families   

More changes to benefits were put into action in April affecting those with children. 

Don't let your claim lapse 

Its important that you keep your claim live particularly for Universal Housing and Housing Benefit as if there is a lapse for any reason, it can result in it being assessed under new regulations. This could mean: 

  • No more that 1 calendar month backdated allowed whatever the circumstances 
  • No family premium, meaning if a family is earning income they would get £11.50 per week less Housing Benefit on a claim under the new regulations
  • They may lose the child premium for a current child (if more than 2 children) if they have let tax credits lapse too (depending who's included in the current tax credit claim)
  • Housing Benefit will now only be paid for a maximum of 4 weeks whilst a tenant is abroad. If the period abroad is known to be lasting more than 4 weeks there will be no payment. 

So make sure you respond to any communication about your claim asap to prevent it being cancelled. 

look out for more updates in our tenants newsletters. You can find them online at shropshirehousing.org.uk/newsletters