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TASS, the Tenants’ Association of South Shropshire, is made up of residents from South Shropshire Housing Association. Their aim is to:

  • Support and run a range of community projects from fishing competitions to work placements.
  • Represent the residents of South Shropshire and ensure the Housing Association is aware of people’s views
  • Collect the views of other tenants by holding roadshows, and attending local events. These views help shape the future of South Shropshire Housing Association.
  • Some members also get involved with Tenant Sounding Board and provide valuable feedback on the services that South Shropshire Housing Association offers and can be involved in reviews of policies, right from the start of the process.

Anybody can attend TASS meetings just to see what’s going on, and make your voice heard.

TASS currently meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month, 10am till noon at The Gateway, Craven Arms. All residents are welcome to attend meetings and take part in the discussions. In addition, each area and sheltered scheme can also nominate one person to represent them on the TASS committee & vote on their behalf.



Tel: 01588 676 285

email: tass@shropshirehousing.org.uk