Planned Works

Planned maintenance is a programme of improvements to all our homes to bring them up to the required standard.

Planned maintenance ensures that the parts of your home suffering wear and tear are regularly replaced.

We let you know when we are likely to do work to your home through our Improvement Plan. This details our planned maintenance cycle.

We will:

• Deliver work programmes in line with agreements made with tenants.

• Carry out improvement work with as little disruption as possible.

• Carry out work to the standard agreed with tenants groups.

• Aim to deliver a ‘right first time’ approach to all elements of the work.

• Promote a safe and healthy environment for all concerned.

• Offer you the opportunity to have a say about work carried out in your home.

• Offer you a choice of colour, fittings, style etc. where possible.

• Give you a say in the layout and design of the bathroom and kitchen in your home.

• Give you the option to pay for higher specifications of fittings in bathrooms, kitchens etc. You would have to pay the extra cost, including VAT.


Improvement Plan 2016 (April 2016 – March 2017)
Door Replacement

Ellesmere Shrewsbury Road, Laurel Close, Council Houses

Bishops Castle Corporation Street, Grange Road, Kerry Green, Oak Meadow

Bitterley Orchard Lea

Brockton Worthen Oakfield Cottages

Burford Oak Tree Close

Church Stretton Brooksbury, Central Avenue, Essex Road

Cleobury Mortimer Langland Road, Mortimer Gardens, St Marys Place, Viols Walk

Craven Arms Coronation Road, Fairfield Close, Lambeth Close

Ludlow Ash Close, Bromfield Road, Clee View, Gravel Hill, Hamlet Close, Hints Meadow, Lower Galdeford, Portcullis Lane, Riddings Park, Rock Terrace, Steventon New Road, Walkmill, West View, Weyman Road, Whitefriars, Wheatcommon

Kitchen Replacement

Bishops Castle Corporation Street

Bitterley Orchard Lea

Church Stretton Brooksbury, Cross Bank, Essex Road, Rushbury Road, St Marys Place

Craven Arms Newington Way, Old Newton, Stoke Wood View

Ludlow Chandlers Close, Hamlet Road, Henley Road, Milton Road, Mortimer Place, Old Street, Park View, Riddings Park, Rock Terrace, Sidney Road, Teme Avenue, Temeside, The Greyhound, Weyman Road

Bathroom Replacement

Bishops Castle Kerry Green 

Burford Forresters Road, Swan Lane

Church Stretton Brooksbury, Essex Road

Cleobury Mortimer Lower Street, Ludlow Road

Clunbury Orchard Place

Onibury Church Close

Craven Arms Old Newton

Ludlow Clee View, Devey House, Gravel Hill, Hamlet Road, Lower Fee, Old Street, Park View, Sidney Road, St Stephens Close, Temeside, The Greyhound, Upper Fee, Upper Galdeford, Weyman Road, Wheeler Road

Lydham The Terrace 

Brockton Worthen Rectory Gardens

Gas Boiler/System Replacement

Market Drayton Quarry View, Bartons Lane, Buntingsdale Road, Clifford Road, Grotto Road, Linden Way, Salisbury Road, Shrewsbury Road Flats, The Oval

Myddle Hillside Close 

Shawbury Mytton Lane, The Glebelands, White Lodge Park

Wem Cordwell Park, Lowe Hill 

Whitchurch Alkington Gardens, Claypit Street Flats, Fraser Court, Liverpool Road, Queensway, Smallbrook Road, Wrexham Road

Church Stretton Central Avenue, Cross Bank

Craven Arms Fairfield Close

Ludlow Lower Galdeford, Rock Terrace, Sandford Road, Springfield Close, St Kellams, Steventon New Road, Teme Avenue, Temeside, Upper Fee, Upper Galdeford, Wheeler Road

None Gas Heating replacements

Clive House Bishops Castle, plus solid fuel breakdowns and condemned systems


Please note: while we strive to keep to this programme, there may be times where work is delayed due to weather or other delays which means the improvement programme may run into the next financial year. This is a streets only programme and does not necessarily mean all properties on that street will be done, if they have had a more recent replacement.