Pets Policy

South Shropshire Housing Association and Meres & Mosses Housing Association have recently agreed a new pets policy for all of its homes. 

You do not need to ask permission for up to three caged birds or three caged small animals, e.g.. hamsters. 

You do need to request permission for all pets and livestock including cats, dogs, fish tanks and aquariums.

We will grant permission if:

  • You live in a house, bungalow or ground floor flat
  • You have a flat with its own entrance and access to an individual (not shared) garden
  • You need a guide dog or hearing dog or you provide medical support confirming that your pet is required for your physical and mental wellbeing

We will not normally grant permission for keeping dogs, cats or similar animals in homes that have shared access, communal corridors and areas which do not have individual private gardens.

No tenant is allowed dangerous pets and anyone found to have a dangerous animal will be reported to the Police.

We will take action against tenants if their pets cause a nuisance to neighbours and if there is any damage to property caused by your pet.

If we receive any reports of neglect or abuse of pets or livestock we will immediately report them to the RSPCA.  

To get permission for a pet before you buy it, please call customer services for a permission form, or fill it in online below.

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