Performance Information

We measure performance on the following items: 


Rent Arrears

This is income from rent owed to us. If debt is not tackled early, it is more difficult for tenants to manage and repay what they owe. 

 Rent Collection  January 2018
Description  SSHA Target Met? MMHA Target Met? Target
Current Tenant Arrears % 1.36 happy face 1.76 happy face 1.96
Former Tenant Arrears % 1.58 target not met 1.80 sad face 1.29
Rent Collected as % of rent owed 96.93 happy face 100.81 happy face 99.0

Empty Properties

Taking a long time to relet a property has an effect on the income from that property and on our ability to meet housing need. Empty properties also have an impact on the neighbourhood they are in and are vulnerable to vandalism and anti social behaviour. 

Empty Properties January 2018
Description SSHA Target Met? MMHA Target Met? Target
Average Relet Time (days) 49.36 sad face 31.89 sad face 25.6
% of Properties Let On First Offer 42.11 sad face 46.15 sad face 70.7

Tenancy and Estate Management

We check how we are performing against our customer service standards that have been agreed with tenants, and how we manage issues such as anti-social behaviour.

Anti Social Behaviour January 2018
Description SSHA and MMHA combined figure Target Met? Target 
% of serious anti social behaviour cases dealt with in time N/A happy face 100.0
% of reportees satisfied with handling of anti social behaviour 100.0 happy face 92.0

Responsive Repairs

The repairs service is very important to our tenants. We aim to carry out repairs promptly and ensure they are fixed on the first visit. 

Repairs January 2018
Description SSHA Target Met? MMHA Target Met? Target
% of repairs given an appointment 100.0 target met 100.0 happy face 99.3
% of repairs appointments kept 98.9 happy face 99.5 happy face 99.2
% of repairs completed right first time 91.2 sad face 97.2 happy face 94.5
% satisfied with repairs service 91.2 sad face 91.7 sad face 95.4

Gas and other Heating Servicing

We are legally required to service gas installations annually. There are not the same requirements for other servicing, but we aim to ensure that a similar standard is achieved. 

Gas and Other Servicing January 2018
Description SSHA Target met? MMHA Target Met? Target
% of properties with a gas safety certificate 100.0  happy face 100.0 happy face 100.0
% of properties with a solid fuel heating servicing safety certificate  96.4 target not met 98.1 target not met 100.0
% of properties with an oil heating servicing safety certificate 90.0 target not met 99.3 target not met 100.0

Aids and Adaptations

Delays in this service has an impact on the quality of life of tenants, and helps them to stay in their homes for longer. 

Minor Adaptations January 2018


Target Met? MMHA Target Met? Target
% of major adaptations completed within target time Quarter 4 N/A N/A 50.0 target not met 97.9
% of minor adaptations completed within target time Quarter 4 100 happy face 100 happy face 97.9


Customer Service and General Satisfaction

Excellent services to our customers is one of our corporate ambitions, and by measuring this we can ensure it continuously improves. 

Complaints and Telephony January 2018
Description SSHA and MMHA Combined Figure Target Met? Target
% of complaints acknowledged in time 100.0  happy face 100.0
Average queue wait time (seconds) 28.0 happy face 30.0
% of calls abandoned after 1 minute 0.8 target not met 1.2

Next update due: March 2018