Domestic Violence Outreach Support

It is our intention to increase the safety and well-being and decrease the isolation and shaming of female victims of domestic abuse and their children through individual and group advocacy and support services in safe, community settings.


By offering the following client-led services:

  • Listening and validating women and children’s experiences
  • Offering goal-directed advocacy and emotional support towards empowerment to make safe healthy choices
  • Empowerment groups such as Freedom, Power to Change and Recovery Toolkit
  • Advocacy and/or support with police or legal matters, child protection or child arrangement issues
  • Support accessing other agencies where needed (e.g. Drugs and Alcohol services, Mental Health, Sure Start Centres, Debt Management)
  • Support to access Safe Accommodation (e.g. refer to a specialist Refuge, liaise with local Housing)
  • Resettlement from Safe Accommodation to our geographic area of support
  • Signposting towards education and employment


Female victims aged 16 or above who are:

  • Currently in an abusive relationship looking for support to take the next step
  • Previously been abused and still being affected by it (e.g. financially, emotionally or through legal proceedings)
  • Re-located due to domestic abuse and in need of support locally


We are funded to offer support across the South of Shropshire, with limited funding available in the Shrewsbury area shared with Refuge based in the North of the County.  Outreach support is offered on an on-going basis with regular reviews to monitor how the client is progressing towards achieving the aim of the service; which in turn helps her see her journey towards a life free from abuse.