Customer Involvement

The best way for us to improve our services is to work together with our customers.  

Are you interested in getting involved?

You can help us shape and really improve services, and ensure the service you receive is value for money.

Do you have an idea for a community project in your area? We can work with you to help make it happen with funding and support.

Your opinions count and you can make a difference to the way we work.

Whether you have a few minutes to complete an email survey, or whether you want to become more involved by being part of our Customer Involvement Panel, we have a range of involvement options to suit you.

These are some of the opportunities available: 

Reading Group: Tell us what you think of the way we communicate with you about our services?  Do we communicate with you clearly and effectively?

If you would like to be part of the Reading Group please contact the Communications Team on 0300 303 1190.

Grounds Maintenance Network: Complete a regular short survey to help us monitor the quality of the grounds maintenance service.

If you would like to be part of the network please contact the Customer & Community Involvement Manager on 0300 303 1190. You will be invited to comment on the grounds maintenance taking place around where you live. You don't need to come to meetings. It will all be done by post or email. 

 Your housing association has made a commitment to follow up any report of dissatisfaction with the service and improve the service where practical.   

Community Panels: Decide on grant awards for community projects and find out how we work with our communities. You can join the MMHA or SSHA Community Panel whether you live in a MMHA or SSHA property or not.

If you would like to join the Community Panel or find out more about its work or enquire about a Community Development Fund grant please contact the Customer & Community Involvement Manager on 0300 303 1190



To find out when our next event is, go to the events page

To find out more or to get involved contact us


Tel 0300 303 1190

and ask to speak to the Neighbourhood Involvement Manager.