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Lunch Service to expand in Bishops Castle

Bishops Castle Lunches

A scheme run by vounteers in Bishops Castle, which delivers freshly prepared meals to people in the town every Wednesday lunchtime is looking to expand its client base after a successful start.

???The project, called Lunches 4 all is run by volunteers Margaret Watkins and Carol Clarke with the help of SSHA support services' Jeremy Hall. 

At the moment, they deliver to 19 addresses in the area between 12.30pm and 1pm, but want to spread the word that the service is available. 

Jeremy said, 'The mobile lunch service has proved really rewarding for both the volunteers and customers who have taken up the service. Its a guaranteed way of getting a really tasty and nutritious lunch without having to shop or prepare it yourself.' 

A two course lunch costs £4.00 and customers are given a menu each week from which they can choose next week's meal. Dishes include classic favourites such as fish and chips, roast chicken dinner, fish pie, jam sponge and bread and butter pudding. All dishes are balanced for health and main courses are full of protein. 

Last year the scheme recieved a grant of £300 to buy hot boxes and containers from Shropshire Housing Group's Comunity Development Fund, so meals would arrive hot, delicious and ready to eat. 

For further information please call Jeremy Hall on 01588 638957?