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Cleobury Residents Set to Save on Fuel Bills

cleobury ground source heat pumps

Work has been completed on the installation of Ground Source Heat Pumps at two locations in Cleobury Mortimer. The £500k investment in Cleobury will see the residents of St Mary’s Place and College Close benefit from renewable energy, which should lead to lower fuel bills and more control over their heating and hot water.

South Shropshire Housing Association has installed a ground source heat pump system and, as anticipated, the work is complete in time for the cold winter months.

Bernard Quinn, Investment Manager for Connexus said: “We know that our tenants are finding it increasingly difficult to find the money to keep their homes warm.  The residents in this area of Cleobury had electric storage heaters and solid fuel back boilers; as part of our review into updating their heating and hot water we found that ground source heating was a far better alternative, and residents agreed.”

Ground source heating will ensure they enjoy a comfortable temperature all year round, using only natural warmth drawn from deep underground which is boosted using the same technology that keeps food cool inside a fridge, but in reverse.

This will give residents far more control over heating their property and should enable them to save money compared to the old electric storage and solid fuel system.

Bernard Quinn said: “We were an early adopter of air and ground source heating.  It’s been a key part of our affordable warmth strategy for the last eight years’.

So far it’s estimated that the Group has saved its tenants nearly a quarter of a million pounds in their heating bills.  The drive began with installing ground source heat pumps in homes that relied on solid fuel and electric storage heating back in 2009, with air source heat pumps following from 2013.  More than 280 renewable heating installations have now been completed at 42 locations across Shropshire, where fuel poverty is always high on the agenda.

Mrs Christina Groves said ‘the new system is fantastic, it’s easy to operate, you just set it and leave it and it provides a constant heat and hot water when you need it’.

Mr Derek Fletcher said ‘It’s a lovely constant temperature now and the bathroom is nice and warm. The workmen were very helpful and no trouble’.