Report a repair online

You can now report your non emergency repair online by clicking on the picture that relates to the repair you are reporting

Reporting a Repair

We operative a 365 days a year ‘out of office’ emergency repairs service and will respond within 2 hours. We will make the emergency safe within 24 hours. A further appointment may be made to complete the work.

Please call within office hours unless it is an emergency.

How to report a repair

You can report a repair by:

Phoning us on 0300 303 1190

Writing to us

Visiting our offices

Emailing us at:

Signing up to the tenants portal

Reporting non emergency repairs online using the pictures above

When you report a repair make sure you have the relevant details to hand. The more information you have about the problem the better equipped we will be to log the repair.

Please check the Your Responsibilities page before reporting a repair.

We will tell you whether your repair is an emergency, appointable or non-appointable.

In an emergency

We operate a 24 hour, 365 day emergency repairs service. We will attend as soon as possible, aiming to respond within 2 hours and fix within 24 hours. 

Appointable Repairs

For the majority of repairs in your home, we will aim to make an appointment that is convenient to you. We will always offer you the closest possible appointment, but allow some flexibility if you need to make arrangements to be at home. Currently we provide appointments Monday to Friday, in either AM or PM slots. We aim to complete appointable repairs within a maximum of 30 days. 

To provide a more efficient and effective repairs service, our non-emergency repairs will now be carried out on an area by area basis. The Total Response operatives are now in four area teams, two in the north, two in the south, and will work on a 4 week cycle. 

Non appointable repairs 

if the repair can be completed when you are not in (e.g.. external or repairs to communal areas) an appointment will not be made with you. An appointment will also not be made if the repair is dependent on the weather. However, an operative will always contact you before they arrive at your property. There is not an official time scale for these repairs, but we always aim to do these as soon as if feasible. 

Remember: you may be charged for any damage you cause, accidental or otherwise. You are advised to take out contents insurance and to check that you are covered for damage to your personal possessions and to any of the Association’s fittings.

We offer a Contents Insurance Scheme and recommend it to all our tenants. Joining the scheme is easy.