Improving Your Home

You can carry out improvements to your home provided that you have our written permission before you start the work.

You will need to write to us providing the full details of what work you would like to carry out. We will provide you written confirmation of any permission we grant within 16 working days of receiving your request. You will be expected to sign and return this letter accepting the conditions associated with the permission before you can start the work. 

If the work is electrical or involves gas then a registered qualified engineer must complete the work. Upon completion, you will need to send us the installation certificate they provide as evidence. (NICIEC or GAS SAFE certificate)

The work must not make the property unsafe, affect the value or the size or reduce the value of the property and South Shropshire Housing Association and Meres & Mosses Housing Association will not be involved in any expense. 

You may also need to apply for planning permission and building regulations approval before we can grant you full permission. You will need to send this to us so we can make a decision and before you can begin any work. 

You do not need permission to redecorate your home or lay carpets or lino. However, you do need permission to lay laminate flooring and permission is usually only granted to ground floors. 

Moving Home

If you have removed any fittings without permission you must reinstate the property to its previous condition and replace any of the Association’s fixtures and fittings. We will charge you if we have to reinstate them or redecorate the property.


You are responsible for looking after your garden. You must:
• Keep it tidy, cultivated and free of rubbish
• Maintain garden paths (other than principal paths giving access to the front and back doors)
• Look after trees, shrubs and hedges and make sure that they do not become a nuisance to neighbours. Trees need to be kept at a reasonable height.

You may carry out planting if you wish, however you must get permission before doing any landscaping or erecting a fence or wall.

Communal Areas

We are responsible for maintaining communal areas. This includes grass cutting, grass verges on highways and public footpaths.



Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

• All works carried out will be at your expense, with no cost to us. • All maintenance relating to this improvement will be carried out at your own expense. • Any damage to the dwelling caused by the carrying out of the work will be repaired at your expense. • You will absolve us of all costs, claims or legal proceedings that may arise as a result of the works being carried out at the dwelling. • If you ever terminate your tenancy with us, any improvements must be removed and the property returned to its original specification. • Under no circumstances must you start work before you have been given permission from us in writing. • Depending on the circumstances, a surveyor may have to visit your property and conditions may be applied. • Due to the complexity of these types of queries, responses can take up to 20 days.

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