Housing Benefit

You may be entitled to housing benefit to help you with your housing costs if you are on a low income. It does not cover the cost of any other bills, but may cover the cost of some service charges.

You can claim housing benefit from your council.

Anyone over the age of 16 who is a named tenant in rented accommodation can apply. The amount you are entitled to depends on:

  • How much your rent is
  • The number and ages of the people in your family
  • Any other people living in your household
  • Whether members of your household are employed
  • Your income and any savings or investments.

If you are entitled to housing benefit it is your responsibility to claim it. If you fall behind with your rent because you have not applied for housing benefit or have not provided the right information, then you are still responsible for paying the full rent.

If you are entitled to housing benefit, you must:

  • Send your claim form to the council on time
  • Give the council the information they need to assess your claim, such as proof of income, savings and identification
  • Ask the council to pay the benefit direct to us
  • Tell the council about any changes in your circumstances, for example
    • One of your children becomes 18
    • Your income changes
    • If someone else moves in or leaves 

If you don’t tell the council of these changes, they may pay you too much benefit and you could be committing fraud.