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Homelife is a community support service that provides help and assistance for people of any age with day to day tasks to help them live a better, more fulfilled life. We provide a service tailored to your needs and offer visits from once a month to several times a week. 
Homelife offers help with the following areas:

in the home        In The Home

  • Cooking 
  • Cleaning 
  • Ironing 
  • Washing Clothes


Accompanied visits         Accompanied Visits

  • Shopping 
  • Health Appointments
  • Walking 
  • Trips Out


correspondence        Correspondence & Appointments

  • Understanding Letters

  • Paying Bills

  • Arranging Appointments


confidence        Rebuilding Confidence

  • Leaving Hospital 
  • Moving Home (see link to the new HomeLife HomeMove service
  • Getting Out and About
  • Living with an Illness or Disability
  • Making New Friends