Customer Involvement Panel Update

Over the last year the Scrutiny Group has carried out two reviews:

They have looked at how the Neighbourhood Team deal with reports of Anti Social Behavior (ASB) and how SSHA/MMHA ‘turn around’ empty properties and let them to new customers. Service improvements will now be made based on their recommendations. 

The Customer Involvement Panel exists to improve the work of your housing association. They are an important part of our commitment to actively work with residents to ensure that we provide great services to our customers in an efficient and effective way. 

The Panel members work on behalf of all the tenants and residents of South Shropshire & Meres and Mosses Housing Associations, and are keen to hear from all customers about the services they are receiving.


Customer Involvement Panel

The Customer Involvement Panel is made up of residents from Meres and Mosses Housing Association and South Shropshire Housing Association.

Their aim is to:

  • Find out what you think of your housing service and share customers’ views with SSHA/MMHA

  • Improve services for customers of SSHA/MMHA Support and run a range of community projects including competitions, social activities and fund raising

  • Identify the training needs of the panel and working with the Connexus Customer & Community Involvement Manager to agree the CIP Training Programme   

The panel has an important scrutiny role–in other words-looking in-depth at aspects of SSHA/MMHA services and making recommendations for service improvement.

The scrutiny group is part of the Customer Involvement Panel. The group takes an in-depth look at two SSHA/MMHA services each year; their reports and agreed recommendations are endorsed by Connexus Board Members. 

If you have an idea for a topic or service which you think should be reviewed, then please do get in touch. 

Why you should join the Customer Involvement Panel

  • Making a difference by improving services

  • Ensuring accountability to customers

  • Understanding more about how your housing association works

  • Improve your CV and develop new skills

  • Receive training and support

  • Get out the house and meet people to work as a team

  • Gain recognition for your contribution

  • Be reimbursed for your out of pocket expenses

Any customers of South Shropshire/Meres & Mosses Housing Associations can become a member, so if you are interested please contact us on 0300 303 1190 and ask for the Customer and Community Involvement Manager.

Interested? Why not talk to the Chair or other members of the Panel to get a feel for what is involved and the benefits they have gained from it. If you feel you would like to join the Panel please contact the Customer Involvement Panel on 0300 303 1190 to arrange an informal interview.

Customer Involvement Panel Members

Joan Grant Neil jenkins
Chair - Joan Grant Vice Chair - Neil Jenkins
Mike McClay Lyn Harrison
Secretary - Mike McClay Treasurer & Scrutiny lead member - Lyn Harrison
Phil Dasey David Morgan
Phillip Dasey Dave Morgan
Graham Stockton Dave Anslow
Graham Stockton Dave Anslow
Gail Gordon Dave Fisher