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Grow Cook Learn Visitor Experience Manager

  • Application closing date: 10 Nov 2017 10:00

Job Description

The Visitor Experience Manager will be tasked with the overall day to day running of the Retail and Exhibition offer at the Shropshire Hills Discovery centre. This will include effective and efficient leadership of staff and volunteers, managing rotas and ensuring appropriate staff cover.


You will be at the forefront of developing our visitor experience, inspiring your team to exceed visitors’ expectations by ensuring the consistent quality of our customer offer.


You’ll manage a successful retail operation making sure the Discovery Centre shop is exceeding our customer’s expectations and enhancing our commercial success. You will be responsible for all aspects of the retail offer; including analysing the market / demand, sourcing new products, ensuring product displays are attractive and stock control.


You will be responsible for the day to day management of our recently improved Exhibition.


Leading by example, the successful candidate will help to develop and motivate front of house staff so that they are able to adopt new ways of working and play a significant and fulfilling role in delivering our vision for the future.



  1. Maintain a high standard of personal presentation, appropriate communication and conduct when dealing with members of the public and clients.


  2. Define appropriate customer care and presentational standards at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre. Put in place robust processes, procedures and staffing arrangements to ensure that these standards are always met.


  1. Ensure front of house staff are customer-focused, motivated and empowered and that they can operate flexibly across a range of customer care roles (primarily the shop, the exhibition and visitor advice).


  1. Undertake all necessary duties required to deliver an exceptional retail and exhibition service including:


  1. Identifying trends for demand under the direction of The Manager and the Marketing Manager and taking action to improve where appropriate.
  2. Sourcing products which meet the customer demand as well as being in line with Grow Cook Learns Vision and Charitable status – local, sustainable, educational products.
  3. Managing the display to maintain an attractive, accessible retail environment
  4. Keep track of costs and sales to maintain profit margins to maximise income.
  5. Implement appropriate stock control systems.
  6. Monitor exhibition visitor numbers and respond to feedback.
  7. Have the appropriate knowledge regarding the exhibition.


  1. Carry out all necessary tasks associated with the shop, such as checking presentation and stock levels on shelves, sales, cash handling, till work, ordering/receiving/checking/pricing deliveries and restocking shelves.


  2. Carry out all necessary tasks associated with the exhibition, making sure that relevant staff can tell the story, answer questions and promote the message stated throughout.


  1. Complete all administrative tasks associated with retail / exhibition enterprises including that associated with performance monitoring and market research through for example collecting visitor numbers, statistics, conducting surveys, issuing feedback forms and collating results where required.


  1. Support other Grow Cook Learn functions as required including preparing meeting rooms, supporting the delivery of our training programmes and assisting with events and exhibitions.


  1. Proactively contribute to the visitor experience by maintaining a safe, clean, attractive site and by carrying out care and maintenance roles when requested.


  1. Support and mentor other staff, trainees and volunteers as required


  1. Maximise operational capacity by utilising volunteers to assist with front of house




    1. Lead the Visitor Experience Team and act as a customer-focus role model

    3. Line manage volunteers, ensuring that they feel valued and that their views are taken into account

    4. Ensure, through training, that all Visitor Experience staff and volunteers have the

        Appropriate skills and experience to deliver excellent customer service.


    6. Ensure, through training, that all Visitor Experience staff and volunteers are trained to deal with

        emergencies and security threats


    7. Routinely collect and review customer feedback, report findings to SMT, and make

         service adjustments as appropriate.


    8.  Act as the Duty Manager (along with the Marketing and Education managers)  on any occasions

         when The Manager is not on site.



  1. Ensure all individual and service performance targets are met.


  2. Work with colleagues to ensure that your team functions successfully in support of the company’s service objectives.


  3. Attend meetings and training as required.


  4. Assist your Manager to identify your training needs as part of your ongoing supervision and professional development.


  5. Liaise regularly with colleagues as appropriate across the organisation in order to inform your work practice, maintain effective communication and contribute to service development.


  6. Be prepared to work flexibly and to meet the requirements of the job and opening hours. This post may include weekends and bank holidays.


  7. Use information technology as required to carry out the duties of the post.


  8. Uphold the Equalities and Diversity policy of the company and have an understanding and commitment to anti-discriminatory practices.


  9. Take responsibility for the health and safety of oneself and others in the workplace, particularly in respect of:


  • Accident reporting
  • Lone working procedures
  • Risk management  


  1. To undertake any other duties that may be required from time to time commensurate with the grade and general nature of the post.


            Knowledge, skills and experience


The job is about:


  • ensuring our visitors have a great experience.
  • It’s about great teamwork.
  • It’s about financial performance.
  • It’s about standards of presentation and developing the business.
  • It’s about working safely and securely.
  • It's about making the link to Grow Cook Learns Charitable aims.

In order to deliver the above the successful applicant will have:


  • Experience of leading people within a visitor-focused operation.
  • Experience of working collaboratively with other managers and their teams.
  • Understanding of programming and interpretation.
  • High standards of customer service and presentation.
  • The ability to lead by example, and inspire and motivate a team.
  • Experience of people and budget management.
  • A strategic approach to managing visitor engagement.
  • Awareness of our charitable aims, and how to interpret them for a wide range of visitors.


Employment Details

  • Employment Type: Part Time
  • Hours: 30
  • Pay: £14,133.60 Annually

How to Apply

To apply and more information please email or phone 01588 676060