Comments and Complaints

We welcome feedback from customers and value any suggestions you may have about our services.

Comments & Suggestions

If you have a comment or suggestion to make about our services, or have an idea about how we can improve our services, please tell us. We will look at your suggestion and see if we can use it. We will let you know what we have done with it once we have considered it.


We aim to ensure that all customers receive a high standard of service at all times. However, we know that occasionally we will make mistakes or our services, or the work of our contractors may not come up to an acceptable standard and customers may wish to complain.

If you have any queries about the quality of service you can expect from us, please ask a member of staff; many queries can be sorted out this way. If you wish to complain about the service or think your query has not been dealt with properly then let us know.

Please read through our leaflet on complaints to understand our process first.


We also welcome compliments about our staff or our service. If you want to make a compliment, please tell us. We will acknowledge your compliment and will pass it on to the staff or team concerned to ensure that they know that good customer service is recognised as important to our organisation and to our customers.